Energy Simulation is the practice of using computer based simulation software to perform a detailed analysis of a building’s energy use and energy-using systems. We provide energy simulation for both new constructions and existing buildings to compare the project efficiency options, comply with codes or green building certification requirements, predict savings and inform actual performance. Our offerings includes but not limited to ASHRAE, LEED, NJP4P, EPAct-179D, Design Studies, Utility Incentives, IGBC, GRIHA and ECBC. We primarily use eQUEST, Open Studio and IES-VE for performing energy simulation


Day-lighting is the optimization of lighting levels inside the building with natural light. Optimum day lighting reduces the energy required for artificial lighting. Daylight simulation reveals the determination of daylight
on any building. We perform detailed room-by-room daylight simulations. Based on the achieved lux values we recommend optimization of window and skylight dimensions and locations in order to maximize the amount of daylight achieved in the space and uniformity
level of the daylight in the space. We offer our daylight simulation services for passive design analysis and LEED objectives.


Shading depends entirely on a building’s use and local climatic conditions. To perform an accurate building energy analysis it is important to consider the thermal contributions of direct solar heat gain on the transparent and opaque building envelope surface during a whole year. Sun path diagrams provide a broader overview of sun on a site as they map the path of the sun across the sky at different times during the day throughout the year. It can also be used to determine the effect of shadows cast by buildings, trees and landforms on and around the site. Our expert team uses visual or automatically generated shading profiles with the use of simulation software to get basic shading shapes. We include climatic conditions, sunpath diagram, shading masks and a full assessment of partial shading into our model to get the best results.


An energy audit is a thorough accounting of the energy use of a building and help to improve the energy efficiency and comfort.
E3S is involved in assessing residential, commercial, hotel, hospital, institutional, data center and industrial buildings with our energy audit services. We perform energy audit services for all types of HVAC air side systems, cooling and heating plants, motors, pumps, DG sets, electrical systems, lighting and controls. We have expertise in ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 energy audits. Along with that, we have experienced team to provide analysis support for Local Law LL87 audit projects.


Third Party Cx is the systematic process ensuring an owner that the building and systems are optimized to perform interactively to meet the current operation needs. Retro Cx is the art of analyzing a building’s current performance and implementing measures to reduce the operating cost while improving the functionality of building’s systems. At E3S, we have a very strong commissioning background for both electrical and mechanical systems. We have complete expertise for providing building Third Party Cx service for any kind of New Constructions and Retro Cx for any type of Existing Operating Buildings.

Testing Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) – Water and Air

HVAC system testing, adjusting and balancing is essential for efficient system operation, cost-effective energy conservation management, and for tenant comfort. Our experienced TAB technologists can, through systematic testing procedures, adjust and balance to correct flows in all new and existing HVAC systems. Test results are documented and compiled in report form that will enable your own engineering staff or consultant to evaluate the actual performance of the installed system. Reports are compiled in our in-house custom-made software, and system schematics are drafted using industry current AutoCAD software. We are equipped with all desired instruments of high standard such as Thermal Infrared Digital Camera, Anemometer, Tachometer, Psychrometer, Sound meter, Ultrasonic Meter, Clamp meter, Dual Port Manometer, Vibration meter, etc.


Water audits provide a way to inventory all water uses in your facility and identify ways to increase water use
efficiency. The results of a water audit help to implem-ent cost-effective water saving measures.

We perform the water audits in following steps:
1. Understanding the water use of the facility
2. Tracking the water use
3. Review of Maintenance practices
4. Developing a Water Efficiency Plan
We also provide  environmental impact assessment on groundwater resources and groundwater management study on different geological formation.


With our Demand Response services; we help you to
reveal problem areas in your facility where the most
inaccuracies are observed, track unusual or abnormal
behaviors, and identify where you should focus your data quality initiatives.
Our Energy Analytics service provides insight into one of the larger variable costs of operating a building today. It collects data from BAS, weather stations, meters and scheduling and reservation systems to provide an
enterprise management view of facility operations.
Automatic fault detection and diagnostic algorithms mine the data and produce actionable recommendati-ons to improve operations. It includes predictive main-tenance, operational and labor savings, reliability, and compliance reporting.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Energy
Benchmarking is a low-cost way to compare the energy
performance of a building with a database of similar
buildings. It identifies underperforming buildings as well as superior performance and provides a tool for tracking and comparing energy consumption on an ongoing basis. At E3S, we provide application support and
documentation for Energy Star – Portfolio Manager and Bureau of Energy Efficiency – Energy Benchmark scheme.

Green Building Consultancy

Eco Energy Expert Services LLP provides complete end to end solutions for Green Building Certifications of both new as well as
existing buildings. Our Green Building Consultancy includes:
1. USGBC (United States Green Building Council)
2. IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)
3. GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment)
The process begins with the feasibility of the project and then we guide the project team in all areas for a sustainable development i.e. Site, Water, Energy, Material and Indoor Environment.
Our expertise ranges from a single family residential tower to a multi rise mixed use building.

Solid Waste Management & Audit

Solid Waste Management is associated with control of generation, storage, collection, transport, processing and disposal of solid waste materials in a human and environmental friendly way.

At E3S, we design and manage processes to systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of solid waste and materials, conserve and recover all resources and eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health.

With our Solid Waste Audit service, we examine the sources, composition, weight, volume and end location of your organization’s waste and then provide recommendations for reducing the waste creation and effective management of generated waste.

Solar Consulting

If you intend to derive the maximum out of your Solar Powerplant, a good design is indispensable. AtE3S, we provide feasibility analysis of solarplants and consult you at every stage of the solar PV plant development that includes selecting the optimal site, a robust and efficient plant design and selection of appropriate technology.

  1. Assistance in identification and selection of suitable site
  2. Annual Radiation Assessment through software.
    3.Feasibility study for various available technologies




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